Freighter Waves in Seattle...

Two freighters passed today off Shilshole Bay which threw off about 30 minutes of continuous 2-3' faces. Not the biggest stuff, but always fun nonetheless. I was testing the NSP 11' board from Cheka Looka.


Anonymous said…
SWEET! nice to see what a freighter wave looks like. i'll have to join you someday. -jon
again, this was a small day. normal are 3-4', large are 5-10'. you never know, depends on tides, wind, the type of ship and it's speed. one day you could get sweet peeling faces, the next at the same time and same type of ship, get nothing. either way, i'm out for some exercise, if i get waves, then all the better.
Anonymous said…
how did you like the board? i've tried an 11'0 naish and a 11'6 amundson softtop, rented from urban surf, which felt ah...ok. both had less volume/thickness so a bit wobbly. so far, other than my psh board, i really liked a 10'8 x 31" angulo/tropical blends "beach boy." stable, smooth, and easy to paddle in flat water (this was in hawaii).
did an early morning paddle at richmond beach today. freighter & ferry passed by but tide was too high so waves broke too close to shore. will have to try ray's one of these days. -jon
so far my most fav board is the laird 12' softop, rented from on lake union. it was fast, very stable, and easy to catch (boat) waves. i ride behind the stern of boats, gotta match their speed to catch the best wave.

the 11' nsp which cheka looka is selling used for $600 was my 2nd best, but slower paddle speed, kinda doggish like most others i've tried. but easy and stable in surf.

the 11' angulo CL has is super stable, but felt slow for forward speed, heavy to carry, and slower to turn. i have a 12' munoz softop i got for cheap. because it's 26" wide, it's pretty tippy. so i'm using it as a longboard to learn how to traditional surf. CL is also selling 2 surftech boards called epx, which are discontinued. both surf and paddle like the nsp, a bit tippy for tall people, but good otherwise.

i need what's considered the holy grail of sups, one that paddles fast but also is good for small to medium surf as we paddle to discovery parks west point a lot, about 1.7 miles one way, surf, and come home.
Anonymous said…
you're welcome to try my board anytime, tho it may be a bit too short for you. one thing i've kinda noticed when trying different boards (disclaimer: i'm a total newbie so this may just be my imagination) is the fin setup. some of the longer/straighter boards i've tried have had these really big raked single fins and felt really stiff and draggy. then i tried 2+1's (tiny side bites and a 8.5" middle fin) and really noticed the difference, especially when turning. the 2+1's felt looser and faster, w/o much drag. i've heard they also surf a bit "freer."
as a beginner basically starting from scratch, my approach has been just find an all-around board that feels sort of right, learn the basics, then go from there. i'm coming at it from a bodyboarder's perspective... it's quite different, but i'm having a blast learning something new!