My Review of Surftech Laird 12.1 Softop Stand Up Paddleboard

I tested this board today at on Lake Union in Seattle. For my 6'-5" 220lb frame, the board was fast, easy to turn, very stable, and surfed small boat wakes well. Standing, I paddled upwind in approx 10 knots of wind and had no problems. It was quick to accelerate when I was surfing boat wakes where I try to match the boat speed to get the best waves. When I test boards, I do kayak maneuvers on them by trying to sink my rails as far as possible without falling over. I was able to dip nearly half the board in the water without falling off. I was equally stable while surfing while standing towards the tail. It was easy to carry with the grab handle and also easy to shoulder as well. I haven't taken it to ocean surf yet, and would also like try it on a higher wind day. As a note, I posted this same review on the site.

Update on the Laird 12'-1" board, (10/12/09):
I ended up purchasing this board from REI (of all places) and still love it. It continues to be fast, and does surf well. While I'm not that strong in the stand up surfing thing (as I come from surf kayaking), but I've surfed up to 4' faces and have had some sweet rides.