GoPro Camera Tests

Being a professional photographer, I'm used to shooting digital cameras with 21 megapixels or higher. In our world, anything less is basically not acceptable. Recently, I've been contacting stand up paddle magazines about submitting my images and hoping to write a few articles. Most of my surfing shots have been from land, but the magazines were asking for water shots. I realized I had to mount a camera on my board (or kayak). Carrying a $3k camera on the water can be an issue with water damage or the paranoia of simply dropping it in the drink. So I began to research point and shoot waterproof cameras. There's a few on the market are totally waterproof and take good images. The Canon Powershot D10 has good reviews, and I've personally owned older versions of the Pentax Optio WP80, an impressive camera. But these cameras have mounting issues in that I'd have to drill holes in the board, something I don't trust myself to do at the moment. Beau Whitehead of Bellingham, Wa suggested a GoPro camera. I purchased one the other day, stuck it to my board with it's own versatile mount and sticky tape, and found the results to be quite good for a 5mp tiny camera. Problem solved, for now.


Andy said…
Looks good. How do you trigger your new remote camera?
The GoPro fires itself. You can set it up to take an image every 2 seconds, which is gives me an overwhelming amount of images to edit. It can be set to shoot video as well. I'm still trying to figure it out. It's mounted on a piece of Gorilla Tape on my softtop Laird board. I have a safety string on the camera attached to the leash plug. Today, I got 900 images in an hour with my upper body cut off, thanks to me not adjusting the angle prior to going out. oops.