Flow Paddleboards - Made in Seattle

Seattle based master shaper Steve deKoch and paddler Paul Langer just launched Flow Paddleboards. Flow will offer a full line of stand up paddle boards, including their 8' 34" wide quad fin Fish and Disk boards. They will be attending the upcoming Sacred Craft show in California and will soon have boards to demo. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates here including their web link when it becomes available.

Contact Flow:
Paul Langer
Tel 206.718.8955


Paul Frolov said…
Hey Casey,
What do you think about using (big)windsurf boards for SUP?
I personally can't afford to spend $600-1200 on a board, so I am looking for an alternative.
i've heard of others doing that. one gal even shapes them down to make waveskis. i don't personally have any experience with wind boards so couldn't be of much help. another idea is to watch craigslist for used boards, check the shops for used or sales of rental boards, and if you have the skill, make your own. per my waveski i built, overall expense was low. the pink foam at home depot works, comes in nice sheets. you might even contact a guy like steve and ask what a cheap custom would be. super simple design, no frills.