Reg Lake BrewMug

The BrewMug is a plastic insulated coffee mug that comes with a coffee filter that sticks on the top rim and is stored in the bottom interior of the mug. I love it so much, I have a few of them, and have given them for gifts. See how it works, HERE.

The ingenious idea comes from long time kayak guide, instructor, and expedition leader and waterman, Reg Lake. I met Reg Lake when he was an instructor at Northern California's Otter Bay Lodge. We connected as we were both living in the Pacific NW and have stayed in touch as he co-designs Sterling Donaldson's sea kayaks in Bellingham, WA. I have Sterling's 'Illusion' sea kayak, a 17' sea kayak 'playboat' that almost surfs as loose as a 8' surf kayak.

Reg's adventures to Chile have been featured in Outside Magazine, and he is credited as teaching Patagonia's Yvon Chouinard how to whitewater kayak. He is most known for his harrowing first descents of California's rivers in the late 70's and early 80's. One of these trips down the San Joaquin, also called the 'Devil's Postpile Run' was made with climber Royal Robbins and Doug Tompkins. The 32mile Class V run required a 3,000' climb out if they failed to make it down the river.

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