My SUP book is almost done!

My instructional guidebook on stand up paddling is almost done! It'll be published next spring (2011) by Mountaineers Books in Seattle. The book will include detailed chapters describing how to paddle on rivers and tidal rapids, in surf, how to do overnight trips and expeditions, fish, race, surf boat wakes, and fitness / cross training.

I've interviewed:
Dan Gavere, Nikki Gregg, Calvin Tom, Beau Whitehead, Tim Niemier, Steve deKoch, Candice Appleby, Jennifer Kalmbach, Clay Feeter, Ken Campbell, Dave Collins, Ken Hoeve, Steve Boehne, Bob McDermott, Corran Addison, Brandi Baksic, Wade Lawsen, Evan Lloyd, Kristi Carlson, Reg Lake, Dan Hogg, etc.

See photographs of many of the above as well as:
Chuck Patterson, Fletcher Burton, Lars LE Hansen, Mike Vaugn, Tom Swetish, etc.


John said…
Congrats!!! Good going! When it comes out, I'll sell it on my site.

Thanks John! Spring 2011. I'll start another site in the meantime along the lines of Stoke to keep folks updated on publication progress, and to add new sup info as well.