Learn Paddle Boarding in the Pacific NW

Give me a holler if you want to learn how to paddle board (SUP) in the Pacific NW. Based in Seattle, I have taught lessons on the Olympic Peninsula and in other parts of Washington State. I'm also available to help you find the right board, paddle, and gear whether you're an individual or company.

This year, I'm offering a few new classes:

- Learn how to Paddle your SUP in Rivers and Tidal Rapids.
We travel to the beautiful Deception Pass State Park where you'll learn how to read moving water, and negotiate whirlpools, boils, eddylines, and fast moving current. We'll teach you to peel in and out of eddies, ferry across current, and paddle safely in current. You'll learn how to appreciate moving water and how to take advantage of it when travlling on the water in the region.

- Surf Kayaking
Learn how to surf a surf kayak or wave ski in waves on the Washington Coast. We'll cover understanding waves, hazards in surf, surf etiquette, knowing your limits, catching a wave, control while surfing, and gear options.

Pre-order my SUP book on Amazon! Available in April, the book covers how to paddle board (SUP) in rivers, tidal rapids, flat water, in surf, racing, fitness and cross training, and gear options. Check it out! http://alturl.com/trovf