Fins for SUPs

What's the purpose of a fin?

- Fins help keep your board going straight. If you remove your fin, you'll go in circles. Longer fins (depth) will track easier. If your board has a lot of rocker, you'll need a longer fin to help it go straight. Some whitewater SUP'ers remove their fins to avoid entrapment or breakage on rocks.

- Fins also help keep you balanced. Longer fins are better for stability.

- In surf, multiple fins help keep the tail of the board from slipping on a steep wave face. If carving down a wave, the 'side bites' or small FCS fins on the sides grab the water surface and keep you on track.

- Single Fin
Best for smaller waves, flat water, racing, and beginner boards. Usually they're longer and up to 12".

- 3 Fins, also called a Thruster
Designed for surfing to give you the most amount of control, but they are fine on flat water and can help tracking too.

- Rubber or Plastic Fins - cheaper, and also good on whitewater where breakage may occur.

- FCS Fins require a Allen (hex) wrench to screw in.
- Longboard Fin Boxes require either a flathead or Philips depending on the screw used.

Click Here for a great video on Fins..

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