My SUP Book - Reviews for Amazon, etc

If you have and like my SUP book, please post a review on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble! Thanks in advance!

"Stand Up Paddling Flat Water to Rivers and Surf" by Mountaineers Books, Seattle.

Wanna order a few for your store, shop, or other business?
Contact Darryl Booker, or 800.553.4453.


Jayne said…
You've got a typo as your plank pic is for the wrong exercise.

Shame pics aren't in colour. Disappointed you haven't replied to my email.
Thanks Jayne. In every book there are typos, you simply can't catch them all. I'll make a note of your observation for my publisher to correct in the next edition.

Publishers these days don't have large budgets thus the use of b/w images instead of color. Print books have taken a hit by electronic books reducing their production budgets considerably.

I'm sorry if i've missed your email, please try again, i've been out of town a lot recently updating another paddling guide.