Get Tim Back in the Water: Fundraiser for Tim Nelson, Details Below

Our friend and fellow surfer, Tim Nelson, was struck by a semi-truck while running to work. Tim resides in West Seattle and in an attempt to avoid the congestion brought on by the closure of the Viaduct, Tim decided he'd rather get a little exercise and simultaneously reduce the number of cars on the road, than drive his truck to work.

News Link: Here

Along with bringing blankets to homeless people (true story), Tim volunteers a great deal of his time with the Surfrider Foundation and is one of the most honest and caring individuals we know.

Tim is currently in intensive care at Harborview Medical Center. His back was broken, as well as his right shoulder, right arm and a few ribs. His skull is fractured, a lung punctured and his spleen lacerated. His injuries are severe, but his spirits are high.

Tim's recovery will be long, and expensive. Let's help him out, and get Tim BACK IN THE WATER!

Donate here to help Tim with his medical and living expenses..


julie said…
Would love an update on Tim's condition!
julie, sorry for the delay in reply. Tim as charger, after 2 weeks in the hospital he was released and is doing quite well - not on the water yet but looking and sounding good! cheers.