Paddling Pour-Overs in Ocean Rock Gardens

California based 'extreme' kayaking group the Tsunami Rangers are known for paddling in the most hardcore conditions where the sea meets the shore in rugged cliffs, sea caves, surge channels, arches. This type of paddling is called 'rock gardening' or 'rock hopping.' Paddlers wear helmets, PFDs, wet or drysuits, and sometimes body armor to deal with the conditions. Paddlers always rock garden with others for safety and regularly practice rescues to avoid getting on the news in case of an unplanned accident.

If you want to try this on a SUP, bring rubber fins, a helmet, a board with a tough exterior such as a Starboard, Surftech Tuflite, or an inflatable. Check out the Tsunami Ranger website for more safety trips.

Here's a fun article by Eric Soares from his blog, "Tsumani Rangers / Eric Soares Sea Kayaking Adventures."


Top Ten What said…
The last couple years I have been doing a kayak trip on the olympic coast near La Push. I wasnt quite equipped for real rock garden exposure, but I did get a couple of pour-overs. Super-fun and Im plannning on that being an annual trip. p.s. nice little surfable wave right by Toleak Point, even in low swell conditions.
great to hear or the toleak pt wave, will have to try it. a good place to practice rock gardening is the stretch between freshwater bay and salt creek rec area on the Strait with a bit of swell. cheers.