The Alsternixe - Shipwreck off Oregon 1903

Surfing (not the right kind) the internet the other day, I came across a great NW Surfing blog, "Surf in Oregon". Scrolling down, I was excited to find a posting on a shipwreck which I happen to have a picture of on my office wall which I found at an Antique Mall. It's the story of the Alsternixe, a German bark which ran aground SW off Cape Disappointment at the mouth of the Columbia River which separates Washington from Oregon. More here...


Top Ten What said…
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Top Ten What said…
Rob - what do you think about SUPing the mouth of the Columbia? Too crazy?
- Andre
andre, totally fine in the right conditions or depending on your skill level. it can be big water and a lot of current. check out ginni callahan's site, she's a kayak instructor in Skamokawa but is in baja this time of year (shouldn't we too?) her site has some useful info for that area, give me a holler too and she if she responds,

there is a beach north of the jetty on the wa side called 'waikiki', classic.