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Friday, December 30, 2011

Sit-on-top Sea Kayaks

On a recent trip to Maui, we only saw the heavy and slow rotomolded sit on top kayaks by Ocean Kayaks and similar brands. We wondered how cool it would be to have a high performance touring sit on top kayak for tropical waters for offshore adventuring or rock gardening. Here's a few that would be ideal for the task..

French company RTM makes some great boats and wave skis. Their Midway and Disco+ kayaks both have one enclosed hatch, a well in the stern for gear and thigh straps for rough water handling and surfing.
Necky Kayaks recently unveiled the Vector 14 which has two enclosed hatches and one open well. Like the RTM boats, you can attach thigh straps for better control in bumpy waters. More info:

-Emotion Grand Slam 14'
-Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160

One issue with all the above models is weigtht. The Tarpon for example is 76lbs. Know of a composite model?


BM said...

tarpon 160 will be my first touring kayak. they are a fantastic, versatile boat with great build quality. If you want a sit on top yak with sit in performance, you cannot go past this.

Necky vector 13 and 14 also great, but more room on Tarpon.

Rob Casey Writer, Photographer & Paddling Instructor said...

thanks great to hear!

corgimas said...

Rob check out google for "hop on top" kayaks.....
The original designer of heritage had this company first....produced super sweet composite SOTs.. might be able to find one used......there were 15's 17's and longer.......

Ian Berger said...

I have a Bic sit-on-top kayak which costs about 3/5 of these kayaks. It's not as high-performance or cool-looking, but it works very nicely for casual paddling. I never hesitate to loan it to a friend it's so easy to use.


Rob Casey Writer, Photographer & Paddling Instructor said...

Good comments, all! The Heritage boats are sweet! Searching for them, I assume they're not being made anymore? I couldn't find a main site, etc. Will check out the Bics, thanks.