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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Light SUP Boards

A few weeks ago, a woman contacted me to ask about which boards would be easy to carry. So often, SUP boards are really heavy and often the deck width is too wide for some folks to reach across for carries other than using the deck handle.

Issues with large boards for some people..

- Too wide to reach across for non deck grab carries.
- Too wide to straddle, or rather sit with both legs over the sides.
- Too wide for prone paddling.
- Too heavy to carry.
- Being heavy and/or wide is difficult to carry in windy conditions where a board acts as a sail.
- Give all of the above, thus becomes difficult to load solo on a car.

If you already have a board that has some of the above issues and don't have the budget to get a lighter board, consider using SUP and kayak wheel systems (see my 1/24 blog posting on wheels), a SUP shoulder strap, or have a friend help you carry it. You can use stick on handle products such as these from North Shore Inc.

Below, I've listed a bunch of light boards some of which are designed specifically for women.

- Naish Mana 10’, 23lbs

-The Tahoe Bliss is made for women, is very light, and has a narrow section in the mid area for easier carrying.

- Starboards are generally light, the 10.5’x30” Drive is 23lbs,

- Surftech Marisa Miller, designed for women at 22lbs x 10’.

Also consider inflatable boards which are very light and are great for storage and travel. Good brands are Naish, Uli, C4, NRS, and BoardWorks. A good inflatable board can surf quite well, run rivers, and are also great for flat water.


Corey Dolan said...

Lakeshore Paddle board company makes 2 light weight models 1 that is an 11'-6" that is 19 Lbs and a 12'-6" that is 21lbs and best of all they are made in the USA not in china like most company's. They are both a hollow constructed as well as very good looking. And are resonable in price compared to other displacement hule type boards. And a quite stable great for touring and racing.

Rob Casey Writer, Photographer & Paddling Instructor said...

good info, in thanks! that brings up another pov that race boards are often lighter than all arounders.
hope you're doing well! RC

Andie G said...

I had a 10'8 Ultra light Bamboo Cruiser sup... I sold it and now regret it ... It weight 25 lb and had a very good glide, good tracking and was very stable !