Not all SUP Paddles are Shaped the Same - Ottertail by Infinity + Werner

When I look through the industry magazines gear reviews and products for the new year, somehow nearly every paddle blade looks the same - teardrop shaped. There's only a few on the market which are shaped differently, mainly for the purpose of reduced shoulder/elbow strain and more control in paddling. I use the Werner Nitro and love the narrow width blade. Next on my wish list is the Ottertail designed by both Infinity Surf and Werner Paddles.

Much like the ottertail blades in canoeing, the shape allows you to vary the depth of the blade in the water thus creating more or less power and/or control depending on what you're doing. Steve Boehne of Infinity has been shaping surfboards since the mid 1960's and his two sons assist in design (and testing) bringing years of experience to the table. Product link: Here.


Unknown said…
Looks very interesting. I like the idea of being able to control how much blade is in the water. Can't wait to to hear you thoughts after you get to try one out.
Infinity has been playing with this concept for some time and actually have several designs which aren't on their new website. Coast Salish people also used a similar but rather pointed blade in canoes, been wanting to test that concept. cheers.