Review of the Naish Nalu 11-6

I've been testing the Naish Nalu 11-6 for over a month and found it to be a stable, easy to maneuver board, and good for all types of paddling. It's considerable rocker allows it to make snappy turns and is a hoot to do pivot turns with - infact I didn't want to stop spinning! The board's 5.5" thickness allows for great secondary stability especially in river current while crossing eddylines. At a tidal rapid near Seattle, I've had fun doing 360's on the eddyline without losing control or balance. It’s considerble rocker allows the Nalu to surf like a shorter board and catches waves with ease.

I found the board easy to carry at 28lbs using the ledge carrying handle. The EVA traction pad has great grip for both barefeet and neoprene booties. The nose does need to be waxed if you want to nose ride it.

The Nalu 11-6 is a great choice for larger folks. I'm 6'-5" and 230lbs I found it stable in a variety of water from flat to quite bumpy, as well as surf. Normally boards at 29 3/4" wide such as the Nalu 11-6 begin to lose stability for me, but the generous thickness and rocker allow the board to sit comfortably in the water.

I'd recommend this board for all levels of paddlers including those wanting to surf and paddle moving current. The board's stability makes it a great board for beginners to grow into. The contruction is glass/expoxy over foam, so it may not take hits well in a rocky fast moving river. Suggested max weight is 280lbs.

Conditions tested in: Flat, river, surf, and windwaves to 25kts.
Paddler Specs: 6'5" tall, 230lbs, advanced level on flat and windwaves; intermediate surf level.

Board Specs:
Nalu 11-6
Thickness: 5 1/2" in deck, thickest area.
Width: 29 3/4"
Board Wt: 28lb
Single Fin
Comes with pad.
Color: Yellow/White; Wood grain or AST (no wood).
Max Rider Wt: 280lb.

Check out the Naish site for dealer and rental locations. If travelling to Maui, rent boards from the Naish Pro Center, a great way to demo boards in warm water! In Seattle, find the Nalu at Urban Surf on north Lake Union.

Naish site:
Naish Maui Pro Center:


Top Ten What said…
hi rob
I will be on Maui in a few weeks.
Does the Naish pro center rent thier full line of boards - or just the low/mid level lines?

the Naish Pro Center rents everything, a great store, also with soft racks, rash guards, etc. And they have my book! Located on the Hana Highway near the airport. cheers
Jamie said…
Hi. So I am also a larger rider, 6-5 and 270 lbs, and have been surfing a long time and now am starting to get into SUP for small east coast surf and flat water. The naish website says that this board should be used for someone up to 250 lbs, but given your test run do you think that I would be ok with this board? I was also looking at the mana 10-6 which says that it is a little beefier. Thanks for the info