La Push Pummel - Feb 24-26th

Known for it's hard charging and steep hollow waves, strong currents, and even steeper beach, La Push has been a favorite Washington State surf spot to many. The Pummel, started in the early 90's is an expression session with no judging, just a gathering of folks who have come to surf or in big conditions, watch their friends get pummelled. Originally a surf kayak and white water kayaking event, the Pummel has opened in recent years to SUP and sea kayaks.

Lodging is available in the hotel and cabins provided by the Quileute Tribe by the beach. Camping is available for the hardy. Located 4 hours west of Seattle on the rugged Washington coast, the Olympic National Park's coastal section borders both the north and south side of La Push. The town itself is part of the Quileute Indian Reservation and has a Coast Guard station as well. Towering sea stacks rise above the the sand and gravel beaches.

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More Info:
Dates: Feb 24-27, 2012.


Photos: Gary Luhm Photography & Joel Rogers Photography.