Rob Casey is the owner of SUP school Salmon Bay Paddle in Seattle, co-founder for the PSUPA and is the author of two paddling guides.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Review of Naish Mana Air Inflatable SUP

I recently had a chance to demo the Naish Mana Air Inflatable SUP. I found the board to be very stiff with a solid deck feel. The board comes in both 4" and 6", I only tried the latter. I'd recommend the 6" for anyone taller than 6 foot. At 6-5, I felt stable and found it was easy to paddle from flat water up to knee high chop. The board is super easy to pivot turn slicing through the water with considerable ease.

The board has several deck rings to tie down gear as well as the leash on the tail. The deck carry loop handle was well positioned and balanced. The two side bite fins are part of the board but the center fin can be removed. The board comes with a backpack for carrying and a pump with a built in PSI device.

I'd recommend the Mana Air for rivers, tidal rapids, surfing, flat water, fishing, and travel.

Board Specs: 10' x 33" x 4" or 6" thick.

Naish Mana Air Link Here.

Paddler wt: 230lbs
Paddler ht: 6'-5"
Conditions: Flat Water.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Online Paddling Forums I Like..

There's a bunch of online forums I regularly participate in which have been helpful for learning about SUP and kayak techniques, products, and for networking. Here's what I use..


- WhatSUP
- SurfZone, for Surf Kayaking. - Originally for canoe and kayak they added SUP tabs this month. A high volume site for info and board/boat reviews, etc.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Using Kayak Stack Racks for SUPs

As an instructor, often I have to carry several boards with me to classes and events. Having a Subaru Forester, I can only safely stack so many on top. But by using the kayak style 'stack racks' you can add a few more boards securely as the stacks holds one side in place. Using this method you instead wrap your ropes/cam straps around the stack pole then around the main rack bar ontop your car.

Yakima has 2 versions of the stacker:

Kayak Stacker, $109.
BigStack, $149.

Here's the products by Yakima, Here.


More Useful Rack Links for SUPs:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Staying Balanced on a SUP - my article on the Distressed Mullet blog

Check out my article for the Distressed Mullet site on Staying Balanced on a Stand Up Paddleboard.

When many beginners first stand up on a board, they feel unstable and try to balance by waving their arms – then fall in. Several factors can determine board balance, but one of the most important is using your paddle. As soon as you stand up...


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lateral Dry Bag by Outdoor Research

The Lateral Dry Bag by Outdoor Research is a unique versitile waterproof bag great for both kayaking and stand up paddling. Built with a tough exterial material, daisy loops sewed in for easy attaching, and an easy to store low profile shape, the bag is a great option for wet environments.

Check it out.. Here.

Seattle SUP Race Image in Stand Up Journal this Month..

Here's an image of mine in Stand Up Journal this month. The image was shot during the annual summer Urban Race series on Lake Union. Riviera rep Jeff Underwood is first in the foreground.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Safety Kits for Paddling Guides & Instructors

Up here in the not very tropical Pacific Northwest, paddling guides tend to carry 'Hypo Kits' to supply their students when they get cold, fatigued, or seasick. Hype = Hypothermia. When you're guiding or instructing you never know how the day will go. While it's your job to keep your students safe, sh.. happens, and you want to be ready for anything.

One thing to keep in mind are those students who hold back their real feelings about their body temperature. Guys in particuliar usually can't admit to being cold or fatigued.

Here's what I carry in my Hypo Kit. The items are stored in an Outdoor Research double dry sack under bungys or a cargo net attached to my SUP deck (or day hatch in my kayak). Kayak deck bags are also great for storing such gear.

-chem heat packets
-small vhf radio (Icom waterproof floating version)
-xtra fleece lined hood (full or half hood) or fleece hat.
-xtra fleece lined gloves in sizes relvalent to those in the class
-power bars or similar
-compact mylar emergency blanket (folds into a few inches)
-simple first aid kit (band-aids, advil, aleve, etc.)
-xtra waterpoof headlamp or paddling light (and extra batteries).
-nylon rain shell (L or XL to fill all) and pants.
-drinking water (carried separately).
-sunbock. (and sunblock lip baum).
-multi tool
-tow system

For Warm Temperature Areas consider carrying the following:
-wide brimmed hats to cut out sun.
-dehydration pills
-drinking water
-UV rated long sleeve cotton shirt.
-simple first aid kit.
-multi tool
-solarez for dings.
-tow system.

A smaller version of the above can be kept in a kayaking style type 3 pfd pocket (vhf, power bar, hood, 1st aid, etc).

Check out tow systems from Kokatat and North Water.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Surfing Tug Wakes on Puget Sound 3/7/12

I'm working with Seattle Times photographer Mark Harrison to provide him with several sessions of tug wake surfing on Puget Sound for a story he's working on. After weeks of heavy wind we finally scored a glassy day for a shoot. This video clip is just a teaser and the full version will be shown once we have more footage. Hoping to get a few waves on SUP but the wave is fast and requires a race board which unfortantly is difficult to surf.

See it Here...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Radio Chum, a SUP Radio Station

One of the busiest people I know, John Beausang not only works a day job but also maintains the Distressed Mullet, a fully loaded SUP site, a SUP radio station, and is involved with organizing paddle events in his region.

Radio Chum, his radio station started a few weeks ago, check it out, good streaming tunes..

From the Station site..
Radio CHUM was born out of the love for stand up paddling and the need for station dedicated to the aloha spirit of this exciting and explosive new sport. For paddlers, you can listen any time day or night to amazing music and updates. For Paddle shops, you can now fill your shops with sweet SUP nectar. The station was created by the evil triad, The Paddle Dude, the Mullet and el Fletchador.

Direct Link to Radio Chum.. Click Here.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Joe Blair - Surfboard Shaper, Solano Beach, Ca

I was in San Diego over the weekend taking the WPA's SUP Instructor Certification course and a Paddle Fit Certification both taught Brody Welte of Stand Up Fitness - both highly recommended.

While there.. I joined Corey Dolan of Dolan Paddle Sports in Tacoma, WA to visit a few shapers north of town. We had lunch with Joe Blair and visited his shop. One of the nicest guys I've ever met, he explained his perspective on SUP design and function. While there, a few customers visited to demo boards at his beach a few minutes away. Joe is also designing Cory a custom 14' downwinder board which looks like a fast one. Here's a few pics from our visit.

Joe's main site,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tsunami Rangers - Extreme Kayakers

In the mid 1980's Eric Soares and Jim Kakuk founded the Tsunami Rangers, a group of experienced kayakers who paddled in extreme coastal conditions mostly in Northern California and Oregon. They are mostly known for their skill and often times humorous paddling exploits while Rock Gardening in coastal surge channels, arches, etc. In time as their membership grew, they wrote a few paddling books, shot some videos, and are known for promoting sea kayaking safety.

Check our their site:

RIP to Eric Soares who recently passed away on Feb 1st. See their site for more info.