Radio Chum, a SUP Radio Station

One of the busiest people I know, John Beausang not only works a day job but also maintains the Distressed Mullet, a fully loaded SUP site, a SUP radio station, and is involved with organizing paddle events in his region.

Radio Chum, his radio station started a few weeks ago, check it out, good streaming tunes..

From the Station site..
Radio CHUM was born out of the love for stand up paddling and the need for station dedicated to the aloha spirit of this exciting and explosive new sport. For paddlers, you can listen any time day or night to amazing music and updates. For Paddle shops, you can now fill your shops with sweet SUP nectar. The station was created by the evil triad, The Paddle Dude, the Mullet and el Fletchador.

Direct Link to Radio Chum.. Click Here.