Blame it on Jaws (not Laird)..

In teaching I come across a lot of different types of people.  One thing that has come to my attention lately are folks who have various anxieties about water, being on the water, or with paddling.  Here's a few of the most common I've experienced at recent paddling festivals or in my lessons..

- Being scared of the water.
- I don't go out on water where I can't see the bottom.
- I don't have good balance.  
- I don't like to get my feet wet.
- I can't swim.
- I don't like sharks.
- You won't be able to teach me.  or..  I'll be your worst student.  


Canoe Sailor said…
I don't understand it when they are afraid of the water or don't want to get wet. Can't they figure out from the pictures that it is a water sport.

When I taught water skiing I never had this problem.