River SUP 101 with Nikki Gregg

Here's expert SUP paddler Nikki Gregg with a few basic tips for running rivers..


Brief Summary:
- Learn to paddle first on flat water.
- Learn the river. Scout before getting on the water. Ask local shops about hazards
- Take a whitewater / river SUP or whitewater class to learn to read and run rivers.
- Use the proper gear - helmet, PFD (vest), quick release belt for your leash, wet or drysuit, booties with grip to climb over rocks, optional shin pads, hydration, leash, plastic or inflatable board, rubber fins, fiberglass paddle.

- Use your eddies, know how to paddle in and out of eddies.
- Learn to ferry across the river or in between eddies.
- Attach the leash to your waist quick release belt. Only wear on deep rivers to avoid entanglement with rocks underneath. Some don't wear them on shallow rivers.  Never wear a leash on your ankle.
- Never go alone and go with someone you trust.