Review of the Bark Laird Race 14'

I recently demoed the 14' Bark Laird Race in Tuflite from Seattle shop, Urban Surf.  This is a great board for taller paddlers seeking a stable fast race or touring board.  I took it in up to waist high surf (I'm 6'-5") and on a downwinder in Puget Sound of up to 30 kt winds (approx 4' waves).  In both cases I felt stable and found the board to edge and turn easily.

The bow/nose with it's traditional Competitor and Dominator style displacement design moved efficiently through the water with little splash and was very quiet.  The downside is that Tuflite is not only heavy to carry but I felt that with 10 less pounds in the board, I'd be working less and moving much faster.  The board caught surf waves with ease but I felt I could catch more wind waves if I could shed a few pounds (from the board).

This is a great entry level board for those wanting to race or tour.  I'd recommend the Pro Elite version if carrying a heavy 14' board isn't your thing or you want to go faster.

In the Pacific NW, check out Urban Surf to demo this board.


wade said…
My concern is how fragile the other boards are compared to the tuflite version. ?
THis is my first displacement hull board. Was looking at the dominator but was concerned about how fragile it might be...thoughts?
apologies for the late response..

The Dominator has been strengthened by Surftech but any super light displacement board will most likely be somewhat fragile as they're not designed for heavy use, but rather racing in mostly calmer water.