Finless Surfing

Surf kayakers and wave skiers have been surfing finless for years, but they have the advantage of a two bladed paddle which can be used as a rudder (or skeg/fin).  Surfing kayaks since the late 1990's, I didn't use fins until I started to SUP in 2007.  Check out Jeff Burlingham surfing Skook and Steamer Lane,

A year ago I came across a video of Aussie Derek Hynd surfing a custom surfboard finless, doing some sweet 360's.  Pretty epic seeing him dance on the triple overhead faces sliding and spinning with ease,  video here:

A few years ago we saw an explosion of finless surfing with Tom Wegener's re-introduction of the Alaia and other finless wood boards.  Here's one of Tom surfing a finless 16' Toothpick,

This week I came across a great video of SUP surfer Ryan Helm, working it finless in Mexico - some fun stuff.

Here's Arnaud Frennet ripping it on a Naish..


Anonymous said…
I think you messed up your links.
really, how? one link starts with a microsoft ad, but a few secs in continues to a piece on tom wegener.