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Monday, July 23, 2012

Naish Nalu 10'10" SUP Review

The Naish Nalu 10' 10" is my 'go to' board for instruction. If paddlers are feeling unstable on my other boards, I switch them to the 10' 10" and they immediately feel relaxed.  Even for folks over 6'-5" or 220lbs, the board provides great stabilty.

The board has a multi-concave hull which not only helps with tracking but it also creates suction thus making the board more stable than other boards with its width, volume, and length. The Nalu 10'-10" is light to carry and has four outfitting screw holes on the top deck to add cargo netting or bungies.

I've taken the board in seas up to 4 feet, winds to 25 knots and have surfed it several times in waist to chest high waves.  It handled well in all conditions and has nice forward speed for it's length.

It's also a very stable board in river and tidal rapids.  I took it on a few rapids on the Wenatchee River in Washington State (Class 2+)a nd have taught a few classes at Deception Pass State Park in tidal rapids where it crossed eddylines with ease and was fun to squirt the tail in the current.

The Alana 10'-10" board is the same as the Nalu version. The Alana is designed as a women's board. The only difference is the Hawaiian style deck pattern.  The Nalu comes in AST (white textered forward deck) and with the wood deck finish.  The board has a single fin set-up.

Watch this video from the Naish site to view the board's multi-concave hull.. Video.

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