Oregon Scientific ATC9K Waterproof Camera Review

A friend recently loaned me the Oregon Scientific ATC9K waterproof camera to try out for paddling. After using a GoPro for a few years I began to really enjoy the AT's slim aerodynamic shape, light weight, and easy usability.  Best of all, it floats!  I've managed to lose two GoPros while surfing. Adding floats didn't always work out.  I already managed to drop the AT while hand holding it from my kayak. Luckily it floated to live another day.  The bright yellow bands around the camera also help locate it if left behind.

Instead of pushing buttons endlessly hoping to land on the right feature, the AT has a single button for each feature on the exterior of the camera. It's viewing screen on the rear helped me set up shots, especially while mounting it on my SUP for surfing. The top of the camera has two buttons, one for Motion and one for Stills.  While the camera does have a great remote control device, I was able to use the end of my kayak paddle to switch between Motion and Stills while sitting in my kayak.  Video quality is quite good as are the stills.

The AT has several mounting options such as a sturdy suction cup, helmet attachment, handlebar/paddle attachment, and flat board mount.  I used all and they worked well in rough water and in saltwater.  I also stash the camera in my PFD and use it handheld often.  I've mounted the camera on my SUP decks, helmet, and the bow of a sea kayak.

Product Site, HERE.

More Specs.. 

  • 1080p = 1920x1080 pixels (16:9),
    30 fps, ~12 Mbit/s data rate

  • 720p = 1280x720 pixels (16:9),
    60 fps, ~12 Mbit/s data rate

  • 720p = 1280x720 pixels (16:9),
    30 fps, ~8 Mbit/s data rate

  • WVGA = 848x480 pixels (16:9),
    60 fps, ~8Mbit/s data rate

  • Sensor Type: 1/3.2“ 5M pixels CMOS

  • Light Sensitivity: Low-light sensitivity (>1.3V/lux-sec)

  • Video Format: H.264 in Quicktime format (.mov) for Windows and Mac OS

  • Exposure Control: Support one exposure control mode with auto exposure with calculating the scene average

  • White Balance : Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent

  • Selectable recording modes: Vivid, Negative, B&W, Sepia, Art modes
    • Resolution: Supports 3 megapixel and 5 megapixel

    • Photo Burst Capture: Continuously 3 photo and 5 photo bursts

    • Capture Modes: Single Shot, Countdown Timer: 5s and 10s settings
    • Night Mode and White Balance adjustments


Billy said…
Good review. Can you compare this ATC9K with GoPro Hero3?
Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
thank you :)