Tidal Currents Map - Canadian Current Atlas

If you're planning a paddling trip in the San Juan Islands, BC Gulf Islands or similar, there are a few guidebooks (aside from mine) which are essential for a safe journey.  Tidal currents are quite strong in those areas especially in Haro and Rosario Straits and the outer San Juan Islands.  Many deaths and rescues have occured here from poor decision making in negotiating (or not) the tidal currents.

The Canadian Current Atlas is one of my favorite guides which shows the strength and path of currents throughout this region.  It's useful in determining where and when to travel to your destination.  Use the Washburne's Tables to find accurate tide levels in planning your trip.  Both guides should be used together.  Fundamentals of Kayak (or SUP) Navigation is an essential guide in figuring out currents, tides, and paddling in both.  Find both at Starpath.com.

Canadian Current Atlas
Washburne's Tables
Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation


Andre Sapp said…
along the same lines, this is a cool site also


I saw those tables for the first time when I visited Lopez Island last year. I discovered an amazing rip current on the outside of Cattle Point during the highest flow. There were a few ridable standing waves that were fairly easy to get to
SalmonBayPaddle said…
thanks andre, and another a friend sent this week, http://www.sailflow.com/