Rob Casey is the owner of SUP school Salmon Bay Paddle in Seattle, co-founder for the PSUPA and is the author of two paddling guides.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hobuck Hoedown Surfing Competition for SUP & Kayaks Oct 6 & 7th, 2012

About 2005, I was successful in adding a surf kayaking heat in the Surfrider Cleanwater Classic in Washington State.  A year later, surf kayakers camped at Hobuck Beach during Memorial weekend  decided to have an impromtu competition.  In 2007 with the help of my partner Christy and Deb Volturno in Port Angeles, we started the Hobuck Hoedown, the Pacific NW's first surf and sea kayaking competition.

Several years later, Bill Walker took over the competition and has made it a very successful event with over 50 participants (2x prior to Bill), some coming from British Columbia, Idaho, and southern California.  SUP and a scramble open ocean race was added in 2010.  In 2011, pro paddlers Fletcher Burton and Tyler Lausten appeared to show off their wave sking skills.

This year, the Hoedown is on Oct 6 & 7th.  To register, follow this link..

The event Facebook page here:

I'll be offering 2hr SUP surfing clinics Fri, Sat, and Sunday.  More info, HERE.

Monday, September 10, 2012

2012 Round the Rock Photos

High winds made the 2012 Round the Rock SUP race a grueling paddle for many who endured the 13 mile circumnavigation of Mercer Island near Seattle.

Photos of the Round the Rock HERE.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Naish SUPs for Sale in Seattle (9/12) -

These are available for sale now (9/2012):
Javelin 12'6" carbon - $1600
Alana 9'5" wood - $1200
Mana 10'5" ASA - $1000 (nearly new)
Keiki 9' - Kid's board - $650

The following boards will be for sale Seattle after November 15th.
Mana 10'5" ASA - $800
Nalu 11'6" Sport - $750 (this may be sold 9/14/12)
Nalu 11'4" AST - $850
Nalu 10'10" AST - $790 (multi concave hull - see my review in the prior post)
Mana 10' Softop - $725

All prices don't include sales tax. 

More info:

Contact Ned Johnson:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Naish Nalu 10-10 SUP

I've had the opportunity to paddle the Naish Nalu 10'-10" for several months and have found the board to be versatile as both a super stable beginner's or learning board as well as a fun board for surfing.  At 32" wide and with a mult-concave hull and square tail the board is super stable.  We call the 10-10 our 'go-to' board with students in providing enough floatation for shaky beginners or larger paddlers.

I've surfed the board in up to shoulder high waves and found it easy to turn and fast enough to ride crititcal sections of waves.  The stability kept me up more often than not, and the square tail helped with pivot turns thus increasing my wave count.  The board has little nose rocker which I thought would be an issue in surfing but wasn't.  The nose has a sharp or thin width (top to bottom) thus actually slice through incoming waves which helped in keeping forward speed and not having to squat as low to get the nose up over breaking waves.

The boards has screw-ins on the deck for tie-downs such as cargo netting or bungies.  Instead of using a stick down loop product, the screw-in give you a solid anchor to attach gear to.  Carrying the board was easy even for a few long distance hauls on low tide beaches.  The traction pad was great for a variety of situations whether  I had booties on or was barefoot.

For 2013, I'm hoping to get a few of these boards for instruction to replace my aging Ron House 12-1 Lairds.

Paddler Wt: 230lbs.
Paddler Ht: 6'-5"

Manufacturer Link:

SUP Buddy - Drink Holder for SUPs

Devin Carroll, store manager of Seattle's Urban Surf shop designed an ingenious product to store your drinks on your SUP - the SUP Buddy.  Made from foam and attached via suction sups, the SUP Buddy provides access to a drink for boards which usually lack tie-downs for carrying hydration.

Contact Devin at for more info.  The SUP Buddy retails for $25.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

18' Touring SUP Project - Prototype #1

I'm working on a project with NW shaper Sean Thomas of Echo SUP to develop a fast stable touring SUP. Specs are 18'x29".  More info and pics to follow in coming weeks.