Rob Casey is the owner of SUP school Salmon Bay Paddle in Seattle, co-founder for the PSUPA and is the author of two paddling guides.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tim Niemier's Origami folding SUP

As the founder of Ocean Kayaks, Tim Niemier's goal was to put 'a billion butts on boats'. He certainly has done so, and for a few years has been putting many on stand up boards.  Equipped with a CNC machine in his garage in Bellingham, WA, Tim is the mad scientist of small boat design.  Many hire him to design sit on top and SUP boat/board projetcts such as the popular Diablo Paddlesports fishing kayak.

Tim's latest project is the Origami folding SUP. The SUP folds into a flat easy to carry form so you can store it in the backseat of our car or in your apartment.  Check out the link: Origami Paddler.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Deception Pass Dash 2012 - Sunday 12/9

The Dash started in 2006, the brainchild of evil sadistic paddlers Will Robens and Don Kiesling. Their idea: Challenge racers to sprint 2.5 miles around Deception Island and into the mouth of Deception Pass, before the current gets so strong that they can’t make it all the way to Strawberry Island on the far end of the Pass. The reward for those who pull it off? The satisfaction of knowing they’ve worked that hard to get halfway home! — and a fun ride, this time with the building ebb, all the way back to the finish.
Who would possibly show up for such a thing? 39 paddlers in 35 kayaks & surfskis showed up the first year. Since then, the word has spread and 186 racers came out in 2010 - 2012, paddling SUPs, outriggers, sculls, prone paddleboards and pedalboats along with some of the same sea kayakers and surfski racers who came out in year 1.
This year's Dash is on Sunday Dec 9th.  
Or contact me (race director): for volunteer and sponsorship info.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Marine Medicine - Book

Instructing or guiding tours on the water?  Check out the book Marine Medicine from Eric Weiss and Michael Jacobs published by Mountaineers Books, Here.  

Marine Medicine


Authors: Eric WeissMichael Jacobs
304 Pages, 978-1-59485-660-0
Mountaineers Books 04/19/2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SUP Org for Veterans with PTSD..

Ferrule Rose, owner of a few SUP businesses in the Dallas / Ft Worth area has founded SUP Warriors, an org created to assist veterans with PTSD.  She's hoping to grow the org nationally.  Know someone who needs help?  More info here..

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Student Info Form - For Instructors..

Before any lesson, tour, or Meet Up, I have every new student fill out a Student Info Form which gives me detailed info about their medical history, any physical issues which may affect the lesson, their contact info and emergency contact info.  In addition my form asks for their height and weight if they're renting gear so I can match them with the appropiate gear for their lesson.

An important question I include is - Can You Swim?   Good know prior to taking them on the water!

Here's my form..

Salmon Bay Paddle Student Information Form. 
Return Before Class to:

-Emergency Contact:

-Class Date:

-Any Medical Conditions or History:

-Any Recent Injuries?

-Can You Swim?
-Are You Cleared by a Physician to Exercise?
-Do You Have any Prior Paddling Experience. If so describe..

-What Do You Hope to Get from This Class? 
-Where Did You Hear of Salmon Bay Paddle?

** Gear Needs... (Free with classes & tours)
Do you need to borrow a board & paddle from us?  Y or N   If yes, what's your Height and Weight?
Do you need to borrow a wetsuit?  Y or N    If yes, what's your Height and Weight?
Do you need to borrow booties from us?   Y or N    If yes, what's your shoe size?
Do you need to borrow gloves from us?   Y or N    If yes, what's your size?

- Check or cash for class fee.
- Beach towel, bottle of water, eye glasses retainer, sunbock, wide brimmed hat for sun, energy bar, waterproof camera with strap, UV protected lip baum, warm clothes to put on after class, reef walker shoes (no flip flops!), water bottle or hydration waist belt; Swimsuit or shorts (can be worn under a wetsuit); SmartWool, polypro or capeline top if you get cold easily (can also be worn under a wetsuit). 

** Wear a swimsuit and/or rash guard under your wetsuit.  We don't recommend wearing jeans, pants, or anything cotton or baggy.  Outdoor clothing such as capeline, polypro, or SmartWool fit well under wetsuits and will help you stay warmer.  **Many of our Launch locations don't have places to change in.  Urban Surf by Gas Works Park in Seattle gives my students rental and sales discounts.

Have your own wetsuit or paddling gear?  Options that work for SUP:
Neoprene shorties (in summer), farmer john/jane, wetsuits 2mm to 5mm, drysuits & paddling jackets.  Try your suit on before coming to class if you haven't worn it in awhile.  Kayaking PFDs also work for SUP.   Outdoor clothing such as rain coats/pants, ski hat also work.  Call us if you have any questions.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel a class or tour, please notify us at least 48 hours prior to a scheduled class or tour.  We appreciate your consideration, given our classes are small and set to your schedule. Tel: 206.465.7167 (non smart phone).  

 Contact me if you have any questions.. or 206.465.7167. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Importance of the Liability Form..

If you operate a paddling business where you're offering rentals, tours, or instruction, you need to have all your customers sign a liability / waiver form.  The water can be a dangerous place depending on weather, the type of water, and the quality of your instruction.  And shi.. happens.  Three colleagues have had accidental on-water fatalities and others have stories of customers who either tried to or did sue them for some pretty interesting stuff.  If you do Meet Ups, you should have your members sign a form as well.

You can get a waiver form from your insurance company, certification program or find boiler plate forms online. I have adapted the ACA form for my own use.  View it here, Liabilty Form.  You should store you signed forms for up to 7 years.  If you do the latter, have your attorney check it for authenticity.

I add a line asking students if I can photograph them during lessons and use the images for promotion. They're welcome to cross the line out if that's not of interest to them.  

Monday, November 5, 2012

Used Naish SUPs For Sale in Seattle 11/15/12

The following boards from my 2012 fleet are for sale as of 11/15/12.

- Mana 10'5" ASA - $800  (super stable board)
- Nalu 11'4" AST - $850 Nalu (Great surfing and flat water board. Very light!)
- Mana 10' Softop - $725 (great for smaller folks or kids)

Naish Javelin 12"6" Carbon - $1335.00 (race, tour, or flat water)

- Naish Mana 10'5" ASA - $912.00 (super stable, great for larger folks)

- Naish Alana  9' 5" Wood - $1042.00 (great for small folks, kids, or experienced surfers).

- (2) Sport Keiki 7.0 vario paddles - $40/each

More info:

All prices are final and don't include sales tax. 

Contact Ned Johnson:
Ned Johnson, Y.P.S.,Inc.
Office- (206)283-3243
Mobile- (206) 390-1097

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tip for Paddling Straight

There's several reasons why paddlers can't paddle in a straight line or course.  One of the most common errors I see is not keeping a vertical paddle shaft for the forward stroke. The easiest way to solve this is to raise your upper wrist so it's stacked over your lower wrist and is over the water, not the board.  Have a friend paddle behind you. Ask them to notice if you paddle shaft is at an angle leaning over the board, or is vertical and is over the water on the side you're paddling on.

Correcting the paddle shaft angle not only helps you stay straight, but also reduces how often you switch hands. Ultimately it makes you more efficient and saves energy.

Short (9') or boards with a lot of rocker may not respond to this technique. Boards 14' or longer will allow you to paddle on one side for as long as you want depending on current or wind conditions.

Tip: Keep your hands loose on the paddle shaft.  A 'death grip' will lead to pain in your wrists and arms and can take energy away from your stroke.