The Importance of the Liability Form..

If you operate a paddling business where you're offering rentals, tours, or instruction, you need to have all your customers sign a liability / waiver form.  The water can be a dangerous place depending on weather, the type of water, and the quality of your instruction.  And shi.. happens.  Three colleagues have had accidental on-water fatalities and others have stories of customers who either tried to or did sue them for some pretty interesting stuff.  If you do Meet Ups, you should have your members sign a form as well.

You can get a waiver form from your insurance company, certification program or find boiler plate forms online. I have adapted the ACA form for my own use.  View it here, Liabilty Form.  You should store you signed forms for up to 7 years.  If you do the latter, have your attorney check it for authenticity.

I add a line asking students if I can photograph them during lessons and use the images for promotion. They're welcome to cross the line out if that's not of interest to them.  


John White said…
Liability form is one kind of agreement that offers opportunities for secure deal in rental services business. Mostly rental service provides prefers to use liability form for security of their business and that's important for them.

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