The Student Info Form - For Instructors..

Before any lesson, tour, or Meet Up, I have every new student fill out a Student Info Form which gives me detailed info about their medical history, any physical issues which may affect the lesson, their contact info and emergency contact info.  In addition my form asks for their height and weight if they're renting gear so I can match them with the appropiate gear for their lesson.

An important question I include is - Can You Swim?   Good know prior to taking them on the water!

Here's my form..

Salmon Bay Paddle Student Information Form. 
Return Before Class to:

-Emergency Contact:

-Class Date:

-Any Medical Conditions or History:

-Any Recent Injuries?

-Can You Swim?
-Are You Cleared by a Physician to Exercise?
-Do You Have any Prior Paddling Experience. If so describe..

-What Do You Hope to Get from This Class? 
-Where Did You Hear of Salmon Bay Paddle?

** Gear Needs... (Free with classes & tours)
Do you need to borrow a board & paddle from us?  Y or N   If yes, what's your Height and Weight?
Do you need to borrow a wetsuit?  Y or N    If yes, what's your Height and Weight?
Do you need to borrow booties from us?   Y or N    If yes, what's your shoe size?
Do you need to borrow gloves from us?   Y or N    If yes, what's your size?

- Check or cash for class fee.
- Beach towel, bottle of water, eye glasses retainer, sunbock, wide brimmed hat for sun, energy bar, waterproof camera with strap, UV protected lip baum, warm clothes to put on after class, reef walker shoes (no flip flops!), water bottle or hydration waist belt; Swimsuit or shorts (can be worn under a wetsuit); SmartWool, polypro or capeline top if you get cold easily (can also be worn under a wetsuit). 

** Wear a swimsuit and/or rash guard under your wetsuit.  We don't recommend wearing jeans, pants, or anything cotton or baggy.  Outdoor clothing such as capeline, polypro, or SmartWool fit well under wetsuits and will help you stay warmer.  **Many of our Launch locations don't have places to change in.  Urban Surf by Gas Works Park in Seattle gives my students rental and sales discounts.

Have your own wetsuit or paddling gear?  Options that work for SUP:
Neoprene shorties (in summer), farmer john/jane, wetsuits 2mm to 5mm, drysuits & paddling jackets.  Try your suit on before coming to class if you haven't worn it in awhile.  Kayaking PFDs also work for SUP.   Outdoor clothing such as rain coats/pants, ski hat also work.  Call us if you have any questions.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel a class or tour, please notify us at least 48 hours prior to a scheduled class or tour.  We appreciate your consideration, given our classes are small and set to your schedule. Tel: 206.465.7167 (non smart phone).  

 Contact me if you have any questions.. or 206.465.7167.