Great Locations in the WA State to Open a SUP Biz

Last summer, I met my students in a bunch of great locations throughout the Puget Sound region.  Many of those have no SUP rental, retail, or similar business anywhere nearby.  If I had the funds I'd open in one or several of the locations - some of which could be quite successful due to location and the adjacent demographic.

Here's a few worth checking into..

Des Moines / Redondo Beach
Saltwater State Park (also a wwta campsite)
Dash Point
Bremerton - Some say the scene here may be too motorcraft based.
Port Orchard
Various lakes - Silver Lake in Everett, etc.
Chambers Creek / Steilacom

Eastern WA:
Yakima - but beware of possible non outdoor active population.
Cle Elu - possibly on local lakes?
Vantage - along I-90, hot in summer, rental sup only.
Banks Lake - hot in summer, several resorts to work with.

Places which may be problematic to have a business:
-Edmonds - very little protected paddling, prone to north winds in summer (same with Mukilteo)
-Port Townsend - cold water, currents, issues with open water too close.
-Kingston - very protected harbor but not a destination and not enough local population.
-La Connor - swift currents.
-Coupeville - beautiful place but local population is small.