Sun Block Tips for Paddlers

Avoid putting sunblock on your forehead.  When you sweat, it may run into your eyes.  Cover your forehead instead with a wide brimmed hat (Gerry Lopez style).  

Also after applying sunbock, wash your hands off.  Otherwise they can be slippery and can be an issue in holding your paddle.  

Safety note: Laird Hamilton and one other I know suggested not wearing sunblock at all due to damaging the environment and that the chemicals in sunblock may give you cancer.  For me, a guy from Irish/Scottish decent and blue eyes, I burn easily and not wearing it may give me cancer.  Choose what works for you.  I use Sol Sunguard, a Seattle based company with products which last for quite a while after being immersed in water.  


C said…
Laird is an amazing surfer, ambassador for the sport and all around bon vivant. I'd happily take any advice on surfing or paddling he has to offer. However, last I checked he never attended - let alone graduated - from medical school. When it comes to the issue of sun screen I'll take my advice from dermatologists, oncologists and epidemiologists.

As for the environment, safe bet Laird has done more damage to the environment as a result of his considerable airline travel than any amount of sunscreen usage will ever do.