17' Touring SUP Project Update - June 21, 2013

The second prototype of our 17' touring sup is in water trials now.  I'm finding it to be super stable yet fast, manuevable and today surfed chest high green freighter waves with ease.  The board paddled out over the waves with the nose clearing each crest - turned with stability on the wave crest, then caught the next wave easily.  It turned gently down the face when needed and didn't need me to step back to prevent pearling. One ride was easily 100yds long.

Current set up is a small fin about 20" from the tail taped in until we find the appropiate location.  Larry Allison suggested a vectral fin to prevent the nose from moving around too much.  My issue there is damage during rocky landings.  But it would be fine for flat water and soft beach landings.

Specs: 17'x28.5"x12" thick in front of the cockpit, 6" under foot, and 9" behind the cockpit.
Shaper: Sean Thomas, Echo Composites, Issaquah, WA.  
Production: Sterlings Kayaks, Bellingham, Wa.  http://www.sterlingskayak.com
Made in the USA.   Any Questions? Give me a holler, salmonbaypaddle@gmail.com.