SeasonFive Clothing for Paddling

A friend recommended me to SeasonFive last fall when I was seeking a neoprene top layer for those non full wetsuit days.  Better than neoprene, founder Mike Fischer's products are very light weight, comfortable and equally as warm as many of the skin tight neoprene garmets available.  The Barrier products are waterproof and windproof and can be folded small to fit into a fanny pack or deck bag when not in use.

A few years ago, I was seeking a layer to go under my (at the time) cheap wetsuit arms to add additional warmth.  I ended up using bicycling arm sleeves. SeasonFive actually has leg and arm sleeves made from their weather proof Barrier material.  Each sleeve can act as a compression sleeve of sorts as well.  Cool stuff.  In winter I wear Barrier shorts under my 5/4/3 suit when doing full immersion activities such as surfing (in 25-35F).

I tend to get cold easily so am a big fan of innovative clothing which keeps me warm without added bulk or weight.  This summer on cooler days or when I know I'm going for a swim (or rather fall off my board), I've been using the Barrier long sleeve shirt.  Unlike my Reed ChillCheater shirt it doesn't stink like a dead skunk after each use.  I've noticed a few outrigger and surf ski paddlers using these as well.

Check it out..