Booking Freighter Wave Classes - A Tough One..

Bummer that I have been advertisting my freighter wave classes since April and with no response all summer, I finally get 2 separate groups of guys wanting to do it - literally during the last week possible week of 2013 to catch the waves.  Both called this week - wacky!

Freighter waves in Seattle break on medium low tides (1.5' to 4'). The trick is to match that tidal window with a fast moving large container ship in a favorable direction. Wind must be 15kts or less.  Interestingly the best waves are during the day on weekdays.

So a guy calls up, "Can we do it on tuesday evening?"  Nope. Tide is 9' high and even if it was low no gurantees if a boat is coming in.  We do know the schedules of a few boats but most are random.

But I do offer to take folks out to show them where they break, how to track marine traffic, where to look for indicator waves, etc.  Unlike the waves that most try to hide, these are so fickle, that in 10 years of talking about them, still only a handful of dedicated surfers regularly hit them.  When it's good, it's chest high sets up to an hour - Seattle.  It's crazy, but it happens a lot in the summer.

With tides high for the rest of fall and early winter, we switch our focus to wind waves and deep water boat wakes from tugs.  Or haul ourselves 3+hrs out to the coast for the real thing.

Erick Gelbke surfing the wave from the North Star on Shilshole Bay in Seattle, Sept 2013.