On the Cutting Edge of Sea Kayaking - Sterlings Kayaks

Tired of lugging around a super heavy Brit style sea kayak, I purchased a 37lb carbon Sterlings Kayaks 'Illusion' about 2009 ish. The Illusion had a perfect blend of superb tracking and enough rocker to nail a bottom turn for surfing.  The boat's exterior was nearly bombproof allowing me to thrash and trash the kayak without worry of puncturing the hull.  I'm not a big fan of a pretty boat, so chipped gel coat is fine with me.

In the years since, Sterling and his right hand designer legendary whitewater kayaker Reg Lake have developed some of the industry's most innovate boats.  The Reflection is a result of two Illusion sterns.  Reg introduced a retractable skeg located in the day hatch (right behind the seat) of the Reflection a few years ago.

This week, the guys presented a surfboard style thruster fin system, the first I've ever seen on a sea kayak.  Surf kayaks and wave ski's have had these for years, but I believe this is a first for a sea kayak. More info about Sterling, http://www.sterlingskayak.com