Paddle Instructor's On-Water Tool Kit

I always carry the following for most SUP classes and tours...

All stored in a small drybag then stuffed in the Seattle Sports Parabolic deckbag.  I find not all drybags are always dry. Important gear should be double drybagged.

- Extra fin screws and plates.
- Extra leash string. Can double for blown deck outfitting.
- Foil tape for dings. Sticks on when wet.
- Solarez, alternative ding repair. Requires UV to work. I prefer Foil Tape for on-water.
- Multi-tool for misc repairs.
- Sand paper to rough surfaces for ding repairs.
- Extra GoPro battery.  I always forget to charge mine.

*Duct tape doesn't stick on wet surfaces well but is great as a bandaid on cut or scrape on a customer.  BandAids don't stick as well to wet stuff.  

Stickers or packing tape are also great for quick ding repairs on dry surfaces.