SUP Straps Review

I'm currently using two kinds of straps to tie down my SUP and kayaks.

Riverside Straps
The first are the standard 1" wide webbing with a galvanized buckle by Riverside Straps.  Each buckle is backed by a rubber sleeve to prevent dings on your car and board when throwing over the car. I like the rough webbing texture which helps the buckle grip better.  Each strap end has a hard tip to prevent from fraying making it easier to slide into the buckle.

The straps come in a variety of colors and lengths.  I have a pair for a one board tie down, then extra long for tying down 2-4 boards per side.

Riverside Straps

Mile 22 Straps
These straps are 2" wide which really locks down your gear.  I began using them recently immediately noticing the benefit particuliarly in tying down big loads of 3-5 boards at a time.  Mile 22 have big plastic buckles which unlike metal buckles are actually quite stout and don't slide at all.  I have seen metal buckles slip when the spring gets rusty or stretched.  Also the plastic buckles are great for throwing over the car, no worries of breakage on vehicle or board.  Releasing the buckle is a cinch by pulling up on the tab from underneath.

Safety Tips for Tying Gear on your vehicle: 
- Always do a shake test of your rack to make sure it's 100% solid on your roof.
- I tie a knot behind each buckle just in case of slippage.  Even with the Mile 22 straps.  Though I have never seen slippage, it's my experience with others that keep me doing it.

Check our my post on 10/16/13 on SUP Rack Tips for more ideas.

Mile 22 Straps