Recommended Christmas for Paddlers

Someone on your list who's a paddler? Or getting requests for your needs? Here's a few publications I get annually.

Capt'n Jack's Tide & Current Almanac 2014.
This spiral bound guide has been essential in determing when to paddle for tides and currents. I plan my classes around the guide and of course use it for play too, such as determining the right tidal level for freighter wave surfing.  Some prefer online but I like the book format and keep one in the car and one at the office.  The guides are available nationwide but to support my local bookstore, consider purchasing here:

Evergreen Pacific publishes a tide calendar I put on the wall. I use it as my annual office calender and of course to take a quick glance at it for the day's tide levels or to roughly plan a few days ahead. It also lists the sequences of the moon.  The calenders are sold directly through the publisher and are available at most marine stores.  They only do Seattle and one for Port Townsend/San Juan Islands.  If you're not in our area, check to see if there's something available elsewhere.  Check it out here: