SUP Business Consultant - Starting a Biz?

Thinking of starting a SUP business?  I can help.  

Recently I convinced two paddlers who are starting SUP businesses to not buy a trailer.  Both were in the process of buying a trailer to carry boards before having a business license, a location to teach at, and any customers.  My thinking - I can carry 10 boards on my Subaru Forester rack and would rather spend my money on marketing, branding and getting new customers.  If successful and I need more boards, then I'll consider a trailer if it makes sense.

Long story.. if you're starting a SUP business, or thinking of it, I can help. As an SUP guidebook author, paddle sports industry magazine writer, SUP instructor since 2010 (kayak instructor since much earlier) and founder/co-director of the PSUPA I'm in touch with SUP (and kayak) businesses everywhere and have in the short time SUP has been around, seen many go under.

I'll give you your first ten minutes free, but I do charge for consulting with businesses and individuals as phone time can take one to several hours of time.  But I'll follow up with a summary of what we discussed and additional resources to help you along.

Common Questions:
- Do I need a trailer?
- Should I do an LLC, sole proprietorship or?
- What to put on my business card?
- How do I choose my business name?
- How do I choose and find my website url? Lessons learned - how to avoid this:
- What about insurance?
- I want to start a SUP rental biz - Where do I do it, how to set it up?
- SUP Yoga is hot, I love yoga but am not a certified trainer, can I teach it?
- Where do I find boards, paddles and other gear?
- Type 3 vest PFDs vs inflatable? Inflatable boards vs hard/epoxy?
- Any tips for starting a SUP rental business?
- Should my staff be certified?

Cheers.. Rob