Where do you put your keys?

When paddling there's always the issue of where to put your keys.  Some may bring the key with them, storing it in a wetsuit pocket or placing it a waterproof bag tucked in their wetsuit or around their neck.

Over the years, I tried different methods to store my keys on land - some successful, a few not so.  The stick it in the bush idea was a fail. I once came back after dark and took a bit find the right bush. Some place the key in the gas cap, others use those magnetic boxes to be stored under the car somewhere

For those seeking land based safe storage locations, here's a few smarter options:

Masterlock Key Safe
This is a large combination lock which can store up to 5 household keys. Paddlers on Standupzone suggested locking the save to their car grill and to their tow hitch.

Hitch Safe
An innovative idea, the combination lock box slides into your tow hitch.