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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Preparing your SUP Paddle for Night Trips

Here in the Pacific Northwest summer is waning and fall is around the corner.  Days are getting shorter and very soon it'll be dark at 5pm.  Many of us don't stop paddling just because its colder, we just wear a wetsuit.  Shorter days means doing a few night paddles, or in my case as a SUP guide, I offer a bioluminescence night tours through early October.

Night paddling is fun and can be quite an experience but is even more satisfying when your gear is ready for it.  A technique I learned a few years ago is to wrap white electrical tape around my paddle shaft.  If I drop my paddle in the water, it'll be easier to retrieve.  The white tape also helps me see my black carbon paddle propped up against a fence or tree before I drive home, (been there done that).

I wrap the tape in areas where I won't be holding the paddle, or sliding my hand up the shaft when switching hands.

Here's a sample of a recently taped paddle.  Note my company sticker on the blade too.  The sticker helps people contact me when I leave my paddles at the beach (been there..), and it's good for marketing - I tell students the powerface is the same side of the sticker.

Here's more Night Paddling Tips.

White electrical tape around my ProBolt Accent Paddle

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