Cool Deck Bag for SUPs or Kayaks

Most SUP'ers get into the sport because they want to do things simply. Many paddlers we see have a board, paddle and bikini or swimming trunks, not much else.  But the Pacific Northwest packs a surprise every sunny summer afternoon. At noon or sometime thereafter the high pressure rolls in creating a strong North wind.  In a few hours the fetch has created waves up to waist high. If you fall in, which most do lacking skills, the wind will make you chilly.

Solution? You can put bungies on your board and stuff in a synthetic warm layer or rash guard, or get a deck bag.  Deck bags are commonly seen on kayaks and work great on SUPs. Many are waterproof so your gear will be dry when you put it on.  Or if you get too hot, you have a place to put your gear vs trying it aroung your waist or putting it on your deck and fighting to keep it there.

I particuliarly like the Seattle Sports Parabolic Deck Bag.  Admittantly the fifth plastic clip on the end of the bag was my idea and I was stoked that they added it.  If that end of the bag is facing the nose of the board, when wave wash over the bag doesn't flip up, which can throw your forward.  The bag is waterproof, has daisy chain fabric on top to tie more stuff down and has bungy on top to strap a water bottle (we've done 3 at once) or extra clothing down.  We also use the bag on shore to store snacks and a first aid kit for surfing classes.

Note: When I give reviews it's the real mccoy.  I used to do reviews for magazines but the products were also their advertisers so nothing negative was printed.  

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