Review - 12'-6" 360 Go Anywhere Cruiser - Inflatable SUP

There's a ton of inflatable SUPs out there now as many have realized the various benefits of them such as being super lightweight to carry or car top, easy storage for those living in apartments or without car racks and a great travel option - nothing better than having your own board on vacation.

I'll be reviewing several inflatlables in coming months but of those I've tried, the 360 brand, while lesser known, has made great choices in building their boards.  Here's my 2 cents..

Board: 12'-6" x 6" x 30"

Rider: 6'-5" x 230lbs, Experienced rider.

Test Conditions: 15kt winds, light river current, about 3kts resulting in waist high bumps. Plus a few boat wakes to surf.

360 Go Anywhere website

Benefits of this board:
- Pointed nose made it easy to paddle upwind and cut through chop.
- Tie-down ring located under the nose provides easier towing if needed.
- 4 Tie-down rings on the deck in front of the deck pad for tying down gear or a deckbag.
- Inflates to 28 psi - so deck is super stiff!  Felt like an epoxy board.  No flexing in waves.
- Doesn't lose air pressure. Owner says his boards have held air pressure since November.
- With double action pump, blows up in 5 minutes.  Air compressor time, less than a minute.

- For my 6-5 230lb frame, I felt 100% stable on flat water and in bumps.  The 6" thickness displaced my weight well and the rails provided secondary stability in bumps.
- For light downwinding and boat wakes the board stayed stiff and didn't flex.

A single fin board, the Cruiser takes any fin in a longboard style box.  A nice feature if you want to paddle in different conditions.

Directional Control:
The board was easy to turn using sweeps, crossbow and pivots. For more extreme pivots for fun trying to get the nose vertical, the bouyancy of the 6" tail took some effort to get underwater but I was easily spinning on standard pivot angles.

The board caught downwind bumps easily and I had a few fun glides despite knee to waist high bumps. I feel inflatable exterior material is slippier than epoxy.  The board stayed stable and glided with ease on boat wakes (one guy gassed it for me giving a great ride).

Getting Back On:
Like any inflatable 6" thick, I had no problem getting back on but a smaller person may struggle. Ready my post on Inflatable safety tips for more info: