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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Using Dish Soap to Find Leaks in Inflatable SUPs

I visited my friend Jim Ramey, a local outdoor product rep to get a tutorial on finding leaks in inflatable SUPs.  Students regularly ask me how to do this, so Jim set up a demo.

Basics of finding leaks:
- Start with tightening the valve using your valve wrench. If it still leaks continue with the following.

- Prepare a bucket of soapy water (soapier the better).

- Find a sponge

- Place your SUP on saw horses or similar.

- Using the sponge, squeeze soapy water over all the seams of your SUP and the valve.  Find the best light in order to see any bubbles that may come out of the SUP indicating a leak.

- If the seams don't present a leak, pour soapy water over the entire surface of the SUP.

- When completed, spray off the board with water to prevent any slippy surfaces especially on the deck.

- How to Patch a leaky inflatable SUP by NRS Here.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Read My Article about SUPs for Boats in PNW Boating

Here's an article I wrote about using SUPs on your boat for the June issue of Waggoner's Pacifc Northwest Boating Magazine

- Choosing a board
- About board construction
- Board storage on your boat
- Clothing and safety gear for paddle boarding
- Benefits of taking a lesson.

Click Here to Read More on Page 66:

June 2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Air Compressors for Inflatable SUPs

With the growth of inflatable SUPs also comes the issue of having to blow them up quickly vs an exhausting self air pump session (or good pre-paddle warm-up).  In business, I have to blow up a bunch of these before a gig this don't have time to do it manually.

In researching air compressors, many have told me their SUP air compressors burn out over time.  I did a quick survey on Stand Up Zone and found some info that may be helpful to you from those that have done the testing.  I picked up a Pittsburg Automotive 12v 100 PSI compressor which so far is working but is quite slow, about 15 min to blow up  14' iSUP.

Other tips for compressors - please leave in the comment section below!  Thanks in advance.  

test board : airSUP 12'6 x 30" x 6"

Coleman Sevylor single stage pump : 
14psi : 8:20
15psi : 9:22
$50~60 online / amazon

Holee double stage pump :
14psi : 7:45
15psi : 8:25
(max is 20psi, takes another few minutes)
$120-140~ on amazon?
(re-branded by many)

Bravo BP-12 single stage pump : 
says 14.5psi (actually about 13.5psi?) : 5:20
$100 - 200~ on amazon etc ?
(re-branded by many)

the Bravo seems loudest, followed by the Holee and the Sevylor seems less noisy
however using a dB meter on my phone , it reported they all average about 89dB

I've only used the Sevylor a few times, no problems so far.
Bravo had no problems since the end of 2014 batch seemed to clear most problems they had in earlier times.
Holee I've been using for about 6 months, my go-to pump until now, the 20psi is nice if you need it.
Waiting for Bravo to put out the 22psi version of the BP-12, hope it's not over stressed!

Brett Bennett
Owner : airSUP inflatable SUPs

Read the whole thread on Stand Up Zone

Brett Benett's photo of the above testing session:

Note: I've been using the Bravo Pump for 2.5 years regularly with no issues!
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