Using Dish Soap to Find Leaks in Inflatable SUPs

I visited my friend Jim Ramey, a local outdoor product rep to get a tutorial on finding leaks in inflatable SUPs.  Students regularly ask me how to do this, so Jim set up a demo.

Basics of finding leaks:
- Start with tightening the valve using your valve wrench. If it still leaks continue with the following.

- Prepare a bucket of soapy water (soapier the better).

- Find a sponge

- Place your SUP on saw horses or similar.

- Using the sponge, squeeze soapy water over all the seams of your SUP and the valve.  Find the best light in order to see any bubbles that may come out of the SUP indicating a leak.

- If the seams don't present a leak, pour soapy water over the entire surface of the SUP.

- When completed, spray off the board with water to prevent any slippy surfaces especially on the deck.

- How to Patch a leaky inflatable SUP by NRS Here.