Review - Kodak SP360 Full HD Wi‑Fi 360‑degree Camera

If you're looking for super wide angle views of our paddling, check out the Kodak Pixpro SP360.  I've been testing the camera over the summer and have come up with some fun footage showing 100% of my activity whether surfing, flat water paddling or viewing marine life underwater.

The camera shape is square and small thus easier to work with than most GoPro's.  The lens is a half circle dome which captures everything in it's view so nothing is missed.  Without the waterproof case they have a nice plastic dome cover to protect it.

Working the settings is easy even with a neoprene glove.  I'm not a multi-setting sort of guy but it has all the features of any similar camera, including WiFi and creative things such as split views.

The waterproof case is very durable and survived my normal drops and misuse of camera equipment. Much like GoPro the camera comes with a variety of mounts for all types of rigging from a paddle shaft, suction cup mount, helmet to a tripod mount. The camera fit easily in my PFD where I attached it to string to prevent it from falling out. I often prefer holding action cams for more custom results or to put underwater.

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Here's a few video clips from the camera...

                                            Underwater views of jelly fish in Puget Sound

                                              SUP paddling in Seattle's Chittenden Locks

                                                    Tug Wake Surfing on Puget Sound

                                                  SUP Tour in Seattle's Chittenden Locks