Downwind Surfing Article from Suzie Cooney

Here's a great very informative blog post from Maui's Suzie Cooney.  I added my 2 cents in comments by adding a few more much needed items.

It’s been an amazing downwind Maliko run pre-winter season this past October through November here on Maui; with stronger than usual trades consistently pushing through, coupled with massive surf and wind swells. With conditions like these everyone who enjoys OC-1. OC-2, OC-6, prone, surfski and SUP, safety for downwind paddling on the Maliko Run has been on the top of everyone’s mind.
Maliko Run Ocean Safety Checklist
This blog post is intended to provide helpful suggestions on what to carry with you on the really big and small days on Maliko. I will also share a couple of very intense, true stories and lessons learned that just could save your life or someone else you know who loves to downwind paddle.

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