SUP Backup Gear for your Car

I run a mobile SUP business, which means I need to bring all my gear with me to the beach. Forgetting gear is a bummer, so I have a checklist for every class to make sure students get the right sized wetsuit, booties, paddles and boards for their height and weight or skill level.

Being human, I still forget items on occasion. My students may also forget gear, so I stock my car with the most commonly forgotten items.  Here they are...

-Leash string (parachute cord)
-Knife or multi-tool (for cutting leash string, fin screws, etc)
-Extra fin screws (I keep all Philip heads)
-Philips head screwdrivers and an Allen wrench set for fin screws. I carry extras so students can help.
-Cliff bars (peanut butter)
-Waterproof Pelican light for night paddling.  (clips to PFD)
-Surf wax (also used on paddle shaft on occasion and board rails)
-Warm hats - Nice for cooler days before or after classes, or while changing clothes in parking lot.
-Neoprene gloves in 2 sizes, (M and L). Most common sizes, plus I can use the L.
-Handheld VHF radio - Waterproof floating Standard Horizon on string.
-First Aid marine mini guidebook, via Mountaineers Books
-Foil tape - for ding repairs. Sticks on when wet. Can also be used as a reflector.
-First aid stuff - band aids, pain relievers, my migraine meds, sam splint, etc.
-Binoculars - used for surf search or freighter wave spotting
-Paddling Washington - All rivers and lakes in WA State, via Mountaineers Books
-WA State fishing regs
-Chemical heat packets
-Click-in fin that can also be screwed in (not all fins fit in all fin boxes)
-Leash (most forgotten item)
-Neoprene clothing - paddling pants, top, extra rash guard, scull cap, hooded vest.
-Rain shell or puffy down coat to put on after classes or while changing in winter.
-Old camping pad piece to stand on when changing in parking lots.  Nice insulation underfoot.
-My books - SUP book and Kayaking Puget Sound to promote to students on on the road. Even I use my Puget Sound guidebook for reference!

For tours, classes and casual paddles, I carry an extra adjustable paddle and vest lifejacket. Both regularly forgotten by students.

Sounds like a lot?  All of the items are in the pic below and are placed under my Subaru Outback rear compartment. The clothing goes in a small plastic bin in the trunk area.

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