How to Walk on a SUP - Balance Tips

Walking on the board prepares you for a buoy/pivot turn and is required for adjusting board trim for surfing and downwinding. And it's great practice for building your overall paddling confidence and balance - and is fun!

In the video, my instructor Joe demonstrates how not walk or find balance on the board:

- Placing the paddle vertically on the deck may feel good but in rough water you'll be swimming.

- Trying to balance like on a tight rope with the paddle blade out of the water will make you unstable and more likely lead to a fall. 

- Using a static slap on the water at your side, or a sweeping brace at your side will give you a ton of flexibility like a tripod or outrigger. in rough water you'll feel confident while moving on the board or even standing still.

- Paddling is stability. Like riding a bike, momentum creates stability. When you walk on the board and are preparing for your buoy turn or to catch a wave, paddling will give you the support you need to do so without falling in or struggling. When in doubt, paddle. Practice walking on the board forwards and backwards when paddling forwards and backwards. 

Walking on the board is also called Footwork. You can also slide or hop. Wear a leash to keep your board close when you fall. 

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